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Digital transformation

Business Transformation Strategy, focused on points of improvement, optimization and change in “user experience”, tools and processes to successfully manage the change to the digital age.

It Strategy

Enterprise Architecture, Design and Development of strategic technology plan, aligned to the organization’s “business processes”.

It government

Design, management and control of information technologies to ensure development of “strategic objectives” through effective projects, provision of high quality services, risk management and optimization of resources.


Agnostic design and architecture, we choose “the best cloud option” for your business requirements

What we do?
Key digital enterprise services

Digital interactions management
There are numerous challenges in transforming an organization’s culture to support the shift to a digital enterprise. CGI business consultants help clients identify the best change management approaches and business models to govern your path to adopting digital inside and outside of your organization.
Customer experience
The digital explosion has transformed the way in which customers interact with your organization, including how they research and make purchase decisions and consume information. CGI recognizes the imperative to “join up” all their contact points, and works with organizations to deliver a holistic customer experience. As a result, clients can ensure consistency of engagement, knowledge and customer management however, whenever and wherever their customer interact with them.
Multi-channel business
CGI helps support the transformation of your sales, service and marketing capabilities through the appropriate use of technology in all points of customer contact, including desktop, mobile, social and call center. Using tools such as Neoland, IBM Unica, Salesforce and Microsoft CRM Dynamics, we help automate the management of your customer interactions through cross-channel (“omni-channel”) strategies that facilitate the development of customer interaction strategies, real-time decision making and a return on your investment. (Also learn more about CGI’s eCommerce expertise.)
Social business transformation
Your business lines have a vast amount of information and opportunity at their fingertips, thanks to the social media revolution. How you help them take advantage of this data and engage customers where they socialize can have significant benefits. CGI helps organizations implement strategies that allow them to build communities to interact with their stakeholders, including providing customer support, recruiting top talent, monitoring supplier information and tracking new customers through social media.
Digital workforce
Meet the expectations of your workforce by creating an environment that offers simpler and more effective and intuitive collaboration tools that draw upon the expertise of your internal and external networks. With extensive experience in tools such as Office 365, Jive, Salesforce, Google, Adobe, NewsGator, tibbr and more, CGI can help you connect the right people to the right information at the right time. Discover how you can create new “app market” intranets and implement the promises of “workplace as a service” in a fast, easy and low-cost manner. (Also visit CGI infrastructure solutions designed to support a mobile workforce.)
Enterprise information management
Unstructured information is the lifeblood of your organization. From emails and documents to structured customer cases and business processes, unstructured content defines how you do business, builds your corporate memory and satisfies the demands of regulators. With extensive experience in toolsets such as Opentext, Documentum, Adobe, Microsoft SharePoint and more, CGI helps clients manage all of their unstructured data, from document collaboration, records management and information policy to content-centric workflows, knowledge management and intranets. (Also visit our enterprise content management page.)

Digital enterprise
Placing the digital domain at the heart of your strategy


From internal and external social networks to multichannel points of contacts for engaging your customers and citizens, the digital revolution has produced a staggering number of studies and offerings that promise to help you deliver your digital strategies. Given the vast amount of information and opportunities, how do you prioritize the most relevant and effective ones?

CGI’s digital enterprise services help clients cut through the hype and “information overload” to make informed decisions and manage the opportunities and risks associated with inserting digital into your organization’s ecosystem. Our business consulting experts help you choose the digital strategies that enable the most positive gains.

Using agile methods to accelerate digital transformation

Customers and citizens are increasingly becoming digital and have an expectation for seamless, omni-channel and personal interactions with companies and governments. This trend is pushing the adoption of digital strategies, processes and systems. CGI is at the forefront of helping clients transform to a digital operating model through agile development and DevOps practices and tools designed to achieve more rapid, frequent software releases.

Our services include planning and implementing agile transformation projects as well as coaching and training clients on agile methods. We adapt agile methods to client needs, for example Scrum for project deliveries, Kanban for minor development and maintenance support, and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) for the large-scale implementation of agile methods across an organization or in extensive projects.

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CGI: An agile partner and expert of choice

CGI has helped clients implement agile methods in line with SAFe since 2010. We have implemented the SAFe model to introduce agile methods in a range of organizations and project sizes. The aim of CGI’s agile methods consultation and transformation services include:

Bringing the business closer to R&D (transparency, metrics)
Ensuring maximum value creation (management by benefits)
Facilitating program and project implementation (small batch sizes, minimization of unfinished work)
Improving decision-making mechanisms to make them more agile (self-steering teams)
Creating a culture of continuous learning throughout the organization

We help you reinvent products, experiences and business models to create new value, differentiation and revenue in the digital economy.


We help you reinvent products, experiences and business models to create new value, differentiation and revenue in the digital economy.